Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) online conversion to San PDF method introduction, it is worth a look

Word, one of the most commonly used word processing programs in the world. It provides many easy-to-use document creation tools. It also provides a rich feature set for creating complex document usage. The only downside may be that it is unsafe and easy to change. And the overall is not beautiful. In order to make up for this shortcoming, everyone will carry out the operation of Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) to San PDF. PDF (short for Portable Document Format, meaning “portable file format”) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems for use in the file exchange in 1993.

The use of documents in PDF format has the following benefits:

1, cross-platform

The San PDF file format is independent of the operating system platform. San PDF files are common on Windows, Unix, or Apple’s Mac OS. Not limited by the platform. More and more e-books, product descriptions, company announcements, web materials, and e-mails are beginning to use PDF files.
2, high security, not easy to modify

San PDF is a general file format. Regardless of which applications and platforms are used to create the source document, it preserves the font, image, graphics, and layout settings of any source document. It has become the de facto standard for the safe and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents and electronic forms in the world.

3. The San PDF file format is more formal than the document in word format.
Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) documents are not as convenient as San PDF in terms of cross-platform use. Moreover, the Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) document can be edited and modified, and it is not as good as San PDF in terms of security and reliability. Moreover, it is often difficult to reflect the layout information formatted by other editing software, and there are certain limitations in its use.

Next, let me share two ways to convert Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) online to San PDF.

San PDF:

Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) to San PDF
  • 2. Click on the navigation bar of the “conversion” select “Word turn pdf” to enter the conversion page, click on the “Choose File” and select the file you want to convert Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx).
zMicrosoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) to San PDF
  • 3.Click “Upload File” to start converting the file format.
Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) to San PDF
  • 4. Click “Download file”, you can save the converted files.
Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) to San PDF


  • 1. Enter the URL to go to the home page and select the “Word to PDF” conversion function.
Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) to San PDF
  • 2. Click on “Choose file” to select the Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) file you want to convert.
Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) to San PDF
  • 3. Download after the conversion is complete.
Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) to San PDF

Compared to SmallPDF, the advantages of San PDF are:


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