Don’t worry if you encounter SanPDF– Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx) to Adobe PDF!

At work, we often “hand in” with Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx),  Adobe PDF and other document formats, but most people don’t know that these two completely different forms of documents can be converted to each other. Plus, I will use SanPDF to take you to the easiest way to converMicrosoft Office word (.doc, .docx) to Adobe PDF!
I chose to use SanPDF for Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx) to Adobe PDF because SanPDF has no watermark, no ads, and the page is clean and pleasing, mainly due to the powerful conversion capabilities of SanPDF.
So let’s take a brief look at where Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx) and Adobe PDF are sacred.

Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx)is a member of the OFFICE family of software leader MS (Microsoft) Word in Chinese characters, the meaning of the word, you can know that he is a word processing software.In fact, his function is very powerful, can handle daily office documents, typesetting, processing data, creating forms, and can also make simple web pages; and through other software, you can also send faxes or send mail directly. Can meet the needs of most ordinary people in the daily office.

Adobe PDF

Portable Document Format is an electronic file reader. It is an electronic file format. Generally, a PDF reader can open such a file. It can also be converted by any office software such as word, excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, or image to generate a Portable Document. The advantage of the format format file is that it is not deformed, virus-free, and small.

How to convert Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx) to Adobe PDF ?

Proceed as follows:

Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx) to Adobe PDF
  • 2. Select “Convert” in the navigation bar and click “Word to PDF” to convert the tool;
Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx) to Adobe PDF
  • 3. Click the “Choose File” button to select the Word file you want to convert;
Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx) to Adobe PDF
  • 4. After the conversion is completed, save the file and save it.
Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx) to Adobe PDF

Why use SanPDF to convert my files?

SanPDF is the most popular converter at home and abroad, with Adobe PDF,Convert to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint,Microsoft Office word(.doc, .docx),Joint Photographic Experts Group Many conversion functions,There will also beMicrosoft Excel ,Microsoft Office PowerPoint ,Microsoft Office word (.doc, .docx),Joint Photographic Experts Group Convert  to  Adobe PDF,protect Portable Document Format ,unlock   Adobe PDF ,split  Adobe PDF,merge   Adobe PDF  And many other conversion functions.Not only that, SanPDF is also very intimate after you convert the file, if you do not register a SanPDF account, it will automatically delete your file after 24 hours, and is permanent.If you want to retrieve the converted file, you can register it within 24 hours of conversion to retrieve your converted file. This is very intimate and respectful in protecting the privacy of our documents.Not only that, SanPDF has more features waiting for you to explore! This easy-to-use document converter is worth having!