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There are a lot of great things in this world. In the field of Adobe PDF, I think the SanPDF online converter is really amazing. It has helped me a lot. For example, how to convert Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) into Adobe PDF, I really didn’t know how to convert it. Until I met the SanPDF tool, it was really easy to convert the Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) document into a Adobe PDF format.

Why do we need to convert Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) documents into Adobe PDFs, what is Adobe PDF and what are the advantages of Adobe PDF?

Turning into a Adobe PDF file is of course because Adobe PDF is much more convenient than Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc). Adobe PDF: pdf (short for Portable Document Format, meaning “portable document format”), is a file format developed by Adobe Systems for file exchange in a manner independent of applications, operating systems, and hardware. Adobe PDF files are based on the PostScript language image model, ensuring accurate color and accurate printing on any printer, ie Adobe PDF faithfully reproduces every character, color and image of the original.

The advantage of the Adobe PDF format is that once the editing is completed, no matter what operating system, any size and resolution of the display, no matter how it is printed, the layout format is not messy, so the document is often converted to Adobe PDF format for use. For example, the work report sent to the boss must be in Adobe PDF format, because the file should be guaranteed to be complete when it is sent to the boss.

And Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) has several formats?

Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) has two file formats, .doc and .docx.

1. .DOC is the default document format for editing. Prior to Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) 2003, .DOCX was the default document format that was edited after Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) 2007.

2, .DOC files can be opened with all Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc), and .DOCX documents can only be opened with Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc)2007.

3, .DOCX opens faster than response speed DOC.

4. .DOCX is smaller than DOC.

The Adobe PDF file format is more formal than the official format in the Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) format document. Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) documents are not as convenient as Adobe PDFs in terms of cross-platform use. And you can edit Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) documents and are not as good as Adobe PDF in terms of security and reliability. It is often difficult to reflect layout information formatted with other editors, and its use has certain limitations.

Here are the steps for SanPDF to convert a Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) document to a Adobe PDF.

  • 1. Start using our products and then go to
Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) to Adobe
  • 2. Click the “Convert” navigation bar, select “Word to pdf” to enter the conversion page.
Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) to Adobe PDF
  • 3. Click “choose File” to start converting the file format.
Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) to Adobe PDF.choose
  • 4. Click “Download File” to save the converted file.
Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) to Adobe PDF;download

I shared SanPDF because:

1. SanPDF can help us to convert Adobe PDF files. SanPDF has 12 conversion methods, including Adobe PDF and Microsoft office Word(.docx,.doc) interchange, PPT and Adobe PDF interchange, Adobe PDF and Excel interchange, Adobe PDF decryption and encryption, Adobe PDF split and merge. Can achieve our multiple needs.

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