How to convert a PDF file into an editable DOCX file?

Use the most popular online document converter to save PDFs to editable DOCX files for free, online and offline.

Sanpdf currently has the most popular PDF to Word converter, saving PDFs to Docx files with a single click.

The Most Popular PDF to Docx Converter

1. Start using our products and enter

2.Click on the navigation bar of the “conversion” select “PDF transfer Word” to enter the conversion page, click on the “Choose File” and select the PDF file you want to convert.

3.Click on the ” Star Conversion” to start converting file formats

4.Click on “download file”, you can save the converted files


Unregistered users have 10 conversions, and can only convert 2MB files at a time, and the time limit cannot exceed two hours.If you want unlimited processing and multiple pdf to word, check out our ” store ” , which will enable this feature as well as many other permissions.

What else can Sanpdf do?

In addition to converting PDF to DOCX and other popular Microsoft Office formats, you can also convert files back to their original format using the DOCX to PDF tool.


We respect the right to privacy. After 24 hours of file conversion, they will always be deleted from our server. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

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