How to deal with the Adobe PDF to Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx) file, maybe this method is very useful

What is ADOBE PDF?

Adobe PDF (short for Portable Document Format, meaning “portable document format”) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems for file exchange in a manner independent of applications, operating systems, and hardware. ADOBE PDF files are based on the PostScript language image model, ensuring accurate color and accurate printing on any printer, ie ADOBE PDF faithfully Reproduces every character, color and image of the original.The Portable Document Format is an electronic file format. This file format is independent of the operating system platform, that is, ADOBE PDF files are common to Windows, Unix, and Apple’s Mac OS operating system. This feature makes it an ideal document format for electronic document distribution and digital information dissemination on the Internet. More and more e-books, product descriptions, company announcements, web materials, and e-mails are starting to use ADOBE PDF files.

Adobe’s design of the ADOBE PDF file format is intended to support cross-platform, multimedia-integrated information publishing and distribution, and in particular to provide support for the distribution of network information. To achieve this, ADOBE PDF has many advantages over many other electronic document formats. The ADOBE PDF file format encapsulates text, fonts, formats, colors, and graphic images independent of device and resolution in a single file. The format file can also contain electronic information such as hypertext links, sounds and motion pictures, support for special files, and high integration and security.

The benefits of ADOBE PDF can be compared with the Word document, it is more obvious

1, Word often happens to send someone else to format the mess, but the ADOBE PDF will not, any ADOBE PDF reader is the same,

2, the Word document is very easy to accidentally touch the keyboard to delete some things, sometimes canceled can not be changed back, but the ADOBE PDF is more stable.

3, ADOBE PDF generally takes up less memory, such as WeChat is not limited to file size transfer, but it will become much smaller when converted to ADOBE PDF format. Right, recommend a office software that can convert Word to ADOBE PDF for free, SanPDF converter directly Save Word and save it as ADOBE PDF.

If you don’t know how to handle the Adobe PDF to Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx) file, then I will pass on some of my little experience to you and I will use it later. After all, a bunch of things are waiting for you to deal with, and you don’t know how to be good, the mood will be very bad. In fact, the method is very simple, we need to use the file conversion software, convert the Adobe PDF file into the Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx) form we want. So how do we convert a ADOBE PDF file into an Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx) form? Next, tell a simple way to convert Adobe PDF to Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx).

Adobe PDF to Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • 2. Select “Convert” in the navigation bar and click ” PDF to Excel ” to convert the tool;
Adobe PDF to Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • 3. Click the “Choose File” button to select the ADOBE PDF file you want to convert;
Adobe PDF to Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • 4. After the conversion is completed, save the file and save it.
Adobe PDF to Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

The above method for converting the PDF file of SanPDF converter to Excel table is very simple. Many times these tips can help us solve many problems in life. As long as you look for it, your difficulties will always be To solve ~