When you encounter PDF

Are you still scratching your head for the pdf document that can’t change the format, whether you want to adjust the line spacing to make the printed page more beautiful, but find that you can’t modify it to exit and see. oh my god. How is this pdf format, I really don’t want to see this pdf again! However, after the table was edited, the serial number could not help but miss the benefits of pdf. Can only helplessly sigh if there is a software that can easily convert the format that is more convenient.

Admittedly, we can’t deny the convenience that pdf will not change the original format. For example, the mathematics chemistry teacher will not print the exam questions! But this does not mean that we can accept obsessive-compulsive disorder. Seeing that there is a space in the front that would rather destroy the equation, it would also make lightning-fast but unable to change the format ! However, there is now a software that can easily help us convert the format, which is really the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

You must ask what the software is called, listen to it, it is called SanPDF. The low-key luxury connotation of the name reveals that it is not simple, and its operation is much simpler than you think.

Directly select the document to add, for example, let us have a particularly troublesome high-number line generation, and then wait a few seconds for the network to connect, bingo, etc. After it is successfully converted, you can download it directly! Not only that, but it can also directly convert jpg files into pdfs, and the courseware taken in class has finally come into use!

After using this software, my mother no longer has to worry about my chemical style messing up! Also liberated the hands to liberate the brain cells, do not bother and effort to knock out one sentence at a time, save trouble and worry, what are you waiting for? Come and try it!