How do ADOBE PDF novices convert ADOBE PDF files to Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) tables under Win 10?

Windows 10 is an operating system for cross-platform and device applications developed by Microsoft Corporation of the United States. It is the last standalone Windows version released by Microsoft. Windows 10 has seven distributions for different users and devices.

Nowadays, the share of Windows 10 is the largest in the world. Most people work on Windows 10 systems and use ADOBE PDF files. Adobe PDF file full name Portable Document Format, meaning portable document format, developed by Adobe. This file format is characterized by the fact that every character, color, and image displayed by the application, operating system, and hardware is faithfully restored to the original. In addition, the format file can contain electronic information such as hypertext links, sounds and motion pictures, and supports special files.

At the same time, whether it is learning or work, you must be familiar with Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) spreadsheets. But sometimes we need to convert the ADOBE PDF file to an Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) spreadsheet, which is a bit hard to live with some Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) spreadsheets. So how do you convert a ADOBE PDF file to an Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) spreadsheet? Next, I will tell you how to convert ADOBE PDF files to Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) tables for free. I will use the SanPDF converter as an example to demonstrate the conversion process of converting ADOBE PDF files to Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) tables. After understanding this conversion process, no matter what converter is used. It can be easily converted.

  • 1. Open the home page of SanPDF Converter;
ADOBE PDF to Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx)
  • 2. Select “Convert” in the navigation bar and click “PDF to Excel” to convert the tool;
ADOBE PDF to Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx)
  • 3. Click the “Choose File” button to select the ADOBE PDF file you want to convert.
ADOBE PDF to Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx)
  • 4. After the conversion is completed, download and save the file.
ADOBE PDF to Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx)

What are the advantages of SanPDF?

1. Quick conversion;

2. One-button operation, quick start, zero learning cost. The powerful core conversion speed is fast, effectively improving work efficiency, and there is no difference between high-precision conversion and source file layout;

3. Convert the enhanced version of the kernel, accurately read the source file layout location, image size, font, font size to ensure high fidelity of the exported file and source files;

4. One-click batch conversion;

5. Batch processing folders, uploading folders for batch conversion, eliminating repetitive work and improving work efficiency.

6. Conversion data protection;

Microsoft Excel History:

In 1982, Microsoft introduced its first spreadsheet software, Multiplan, and it was a great success on the CP/M system, but on MS-DOS, Multiplan lost to Lotus 1-2-3. This event prompted the birth of Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx), just like Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx)’s codename Doug Klunder: What Lotus 1-2-3 can do, and do better. In 1985, the first Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) was born, it was only used for Mac systems; in November 1987, the first Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) for Windows system was also produced (directly bundled with the Windows environment, version 2.0 on the Mac). Lotus1-2-3 was not suitable for Windows systems. By 1988, Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) sales exceeded Lotus, making Microsoft a leader in PC software vendors. This incident led to the replacement of the software kingdom hegemony, Microsoft consolidated its strong competitor status, and found the direction of developing graphics software. Since then, about every two years, Microsoft will introduce a new version to expand its advantages. Currently, the latest version of Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) is 16, also known as Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) 2016.

In the early days, Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) became the target of trademark law because of the same name as the software sold by another company called Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx). After trial, Microsoft was asked to name the software in Microsoft Excel in its official documents and legal documents. However, as time passed, this practice gradually disappeared.

Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) is the first spreadsheet software (including fonts, text attributes, and cell formats) that allows users to customize the interface. It also introduces the “smart recalculation” function. When the cell data changes, only the data related to it will be updated, and the original tabulation software can only recalculate all the data or wait for the next instruction. At the same time, Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) has powerful graphics capabilities.When Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) was first bundled into Microsoft Office in 1993, Microsoft redesigned the interface between Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to fit this extremely popular application at the time.Since 1993, Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) has supported Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is a powerful tool that enables Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) to form an independent programming environment. Using VBA and macros, you can automate manual steps, and VBA also allows you to create forms to get user input. However, the automation capabilities of VBA have also led to Microsoft Office Excel(.xls,.xlsx) becoming the target of macro viruses.